Flight Simulator – Coming Soon from Australian LightWing

During the early days of Australian LightWing’s establishment at the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, we wanted to be all things to all people, so naturally we established a flying school under the names,… Continue reading

Lessons learnt from accidents I have had whilst learning to fly

  Having had the interesting experience of teaching myself to fly in the 70’s and 80’s, with a little assistance from Wayne Fisher, and our local Ballina aviator, Gary Faulks in his Auster,… Continue reading

The Australian LightWing Tapis

Shown below, a drawing of the wing section of the SP-2000. We will use the same section on the Tapas high wing. Why have we included this drawing ? I hear you ask. Simple:… Continue reading

Glass Cockpit: DIY PC or Purchase ?

The way I see it, the bigger the better. A large bright LCD screen displaying maps, flight path, information etc. in front of me (the pilot), the better. It greatly increases my situational… Continue reading

Passion for Poetry

When our CEO, Howie, isn’t running around thinking about, doing and making a million things, you might just find him in his office letting his mind wander for a moment to other things… Continue reading

Julia Gillard, The GFC and a whole load of stuffing.

In my opinion it’s just unbelievable, predictable perhaps, but still, unbelievable that our Prime Minister could be going about at world conferences, as she appears to be at present. Spruiking her “incredibly brilliant… Continue reading

Flight Testing the SP2000 over Ballina

Measuring the angle of attack of the fuselage relative to the speed of the aircraft.  

News from the Factory ~ May 31st 2012

What’s happening at Australian LightWing today? With the last month of the financial year roaring up upon us we are building new tooling for a folding seat for both the Australian LightWing and… Continue reading

Hello world! Our new Blog Page is up!

  Howard Hughes (Howie) is the CEO of The Hughes Group of Companies in Ballina, NSW, Australia. The Hughes Group of Companies has been manufacturing Australia’s safest 2, 4 and soon 6 seater… Continue reading